About Me

Hi! I’m

Hilda Taheri

– or ‘Hidalof’ as my sister would call me when I was a kid.

With 5 years of experience, I consider myself to be a data-driven and innovative product and service designer who has designed engaging user-centered experiences and interfaces. In these collaborative design processes, I have implemented design thinking practice into the projects and motivated the team members to put their core potentials into action, thus made the team grow.

During the very first year of my profession, I was challenged to redesign the user experience of the biggest eCommerce in Iran – Digikala – in which I excelled along with my colleagues. I continued my journey as I redesigned the UX of Mootanroo and the UX and UI of Snapp! – the biggest ride-hailing service in Iran.

Currently, I’m looking for job positions in Europe. So, let’s get in touch if you’re interested in my profile.