Hi, I’m Hilda.

– or ‘Hidalof’ as my sister would call me when I was a kid.

With 5 years of experience, I consider myself to be a data-driven and innovative product and service designer who has designed engaging user-centered experiences and interfaces. In these collaborative design processes, I have implemented design thinking practice into the projects and motivated the team members to put their core potentials into action, thus made the team grow.

Currently, I’m looking for job positions in Europe. So, let’s get in touch if you’re interested in my profile.

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Online B2B Supply Service

Overview Raees Group, mostly known as Raees Coffee in Iran, has been a well-known coffee provider since 2000. Thanks to its up-to-date specialists, Raees Coffee handles the whole supply chain all by itself, from sourcing...
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Product-Service System based on IoT

Intro/Abstract Every year, great pioneer companies in futurology provide trends and forecasts for the next years or decades; forecasts in different areas such as health, economy, and technology. The Internet of Things is a technology...
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Public Experience Design

Intro LG Electronics Headquarter in Iran held the first LG Global Challenger in 2017 as a part of LG company’s social responsibility program. This contest was to encourage and facilitate students to achieve their goals...
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Digikala Web Platform Redesign

Overview   Since its establishment in 2007, Digikala has been the leading eCommerce/marketplace in Iran. On its 10th anniversary, Digikala decided to perform a total renovation and revamp the whole business and its touchpoints – including...